Which Indexer Is The Best For The Backlinks?

Before using any backlink tool, try to understand which tool is good for indexing which type of links.

But at first go for a natural touch. Google generally find out backlink in two weeks.

If you can’t find your backlink got indexed, try to ping those by using some free ping tools. You can find some on google.

It is also reliable to pay for some service which will save our time & extra efforts. But which Backlink Indexer is the Best for your 3rd party backlinks to get index ASAP?

After testing more than 8 so-called best indexers in the market, I personally suggest the “Omega Indexer” tool.


Because it’s totally friendly for your money page also.

What did I mean?

In general, all kinds of indexer tools create a toxic link, which is ok for Tier 1, Tier 2 backlinks, and using it for your main money page will be harmful.

And another useful thing I find on this tool is freedom for the credits.

If you buy 1000 credits for 1000 backlinks with only 20$, It will not get expired until you won’t use those.

Buy Indexer Credit With Discount

What About The Other Indexer Tool Ratio?

Credit: matthewwoodward

Don’t waste your money.

Learn from others’ experiences & Invest.

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