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ayon chy
About me

I am a web designer based in Bangladesh, with a rich experience of over 6 years in website design. Also have 5 years experience in SEO industry. Love to do SMM.

What I do

Digital Marketing

1. Pinterest 2. Twitter

Article Writing

1. SEO Optimized 2. Copyright and Grammarly Passed
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Web Design

1. WordPress


1. Rank your keywords

Website Audit

1. Find out all the errors.

Keyword Research

1. Low Competition 2. Easy to rank


Content Writing
Keyword Research
Digital Marketing
Pinterest, Twitter, Quora 88%
Web Design (WordPress)

My Experience

2016 - Present


YouTube Marketer

After completing my B.Sc. I created some YouTube Channel. Because It was trending at that time, it was not my passion. So, I didn’t get much from this sector. But gained some basic knowledge about it.

2017 - Present


Website Design

After losing intention about YouTube video marketing. I want to do some unique, which will last long. That’s why I want to learn web development. But I wouldn’t say I like to do coding. Then I listen about WordPress. And then, Ka-boom.

2017 - Present


Amazon Affiliate

I have learned web development to do Amazon Affiliate only. Sometimes I also did outreach. But after a check on my skills. You will get a clear conception. All the skills are pointing in one Market. Yes, Amazon affiliate. I don’t need to tell you what it is & why you should also do this.

2017 - Present


When you see your target keyword at the zero or 1st position first time; 🙂 That feel is so hard to describe. It was motivated me that time even now on my every project.
People say that SEO industry is manipulated. Of course it is. So why don't you get into it ?
A successful person Or A failure; they both had 24 hours in a day

Service I Suggest

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