Google And Reddit Does It Help For Blogging

Google And Reddit Does It Help For Blogging?

Google pays Reddit around $60 million every year for data. When you search on Google, you see a lot of Reddit posts in the results.

However, some people are taking advantage of Reddit to post low-quality content. (Like PSeo). Reddit has a lot of keywords in the top three search results on Google. (Around 9.2Millions).

Google’s algorithm prefers content that shares personal experiences, but sometimes it confuses this with casual, conversational content.

My thoughts About Google And Reddit:

1. Google is facing a significant problem.The quality of the search results has declined.

2. Google needs to address this issue.

3. The Google-Reddit deal is causing Google’s AI to learn from spam rather than useful information.

4. Reddit content isn’t being prioritized as it should be.

5. An AI solution will likely be integrated into Google’s algorithm soon.

What to do:

1. Continue your usual activities.

2. Avoid using Reddit as a source of information.

3. Remember that having a high ranking on Google doesn’t always translate to more leads or sales.

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