Ayonchy case study for ai article

EEAT And YMYL How To Find Out From Real Case Study

When You Will See This Kind Of Graph. That Means Google Still Not Sure About Your Website Perfectly.

We Can See Some Fair Graph Signs, Which That Means During Some Google Updates, Your Website Followed The Exact Rules. But It Didn’t Sustain.


Due To The Loopholes Of Your Website, You Didn’t Fillup Of Course Reluctantly.

So, What’s Next?

Audit Those Spike Durations, And You Can Understand What Exactly Your Website Is Fit For!

From My Experience,

I Have Seen Enough, People Lost Signals Due To A Lack Of Enough Authority Like EEAT & YMYL For The Niche.

  • Don’t Ignore The Technical SEO Part.
  • Don’t Ignore Internal Linking. (Power House).

You Shouldn’t Go For Bulk Article Like 100000 Pages At A Time. You Can’t Make Google Fool.


Go For Only One Keyword At A Time. (Do Everything For That, Ex: Supportive Article, Silo Structure, And So On. After Finishing, Then Scale It).

**Note: Don’t Forget About The Article, You Should Have Update The Terms On The Article Within Some Noticeable Period. Just Changing The Year From 2023 To 2024 This Is Not An Update.

Short Tip SEO:

1. Google Doesn’t Give You Penalty For Your Duplicate Content, It Doesn’t Give Priority To The Other One. (So, Low-Value Content Could Be A Backfire For Your Website).

Solution: Add Only Useful Contents On Your Website And Delete An Underserved Article From It.

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