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Ayon Chy
Ayon Chy
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Tell Me What Is You Monthly Budget For Your Site

1. Niche Selection
2. Domain & Hosting (You Buy, Not In The Package)
3. Keyword Research (15-25) (8 Buying 17 Info)
4. Website Planning With Silo
5. Website Design Using (Premium Envato WordPress Theme)
6. Quality Article From (Handy Writer)
7. 15000 Words Will Be Published With Proper On-Page SEO (1st Month) (Some Free & Some Envato Images)
(In 15000 words in 1st month 10-12 info articles will be published)
8. 5 Social Accounts Will Be Created
9. Google Webmaster Integration
10. Google Analytics Integration

**Note: Some Services Will Change Depend On Which Package You Choose.

1. 10000** words article Writing + Published With Complete On-page (Some free & Some Envato images)
2. 100+ Basic Foundations Backlinks start from the end of the month**
3. Each Social Account (Regular Natural Activity On 5 Social Media Accounts)

**Note: Some Services Will Change Depend On Which Package You Choose.

1. Audit your site.
2. Make Changes or Suggest You to change.
3. Service fee depend on how many guest posts you will need.

**Note: Guest Post fee and article writing depends on packages<.b>

**Note: No one can give you warranty about definate success on your project. But speding a few with proper guideline is much better than wasting a lot unprofessionally.
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