Fuzzy Logic About Google Article SEO Structure

Google doesn’t rank you with word counts, not also for native tone. Not at all. These are old bluff concepts.

It does this by satisfying the “Truth Range”, For better understanding you can say by “Fuzzy Logic

We all who are from science backgrounds did some “Boolean Logic” on school days. Right?

Boolean Logic = True/Wrong.

Fuzzy Logic = Multiple Truths, ‘To be or Not To be’

In short, “Consensus”.


You could reach the safe zone or could give the truth range. In some cases.

For example: “At what age a baby could talk”?

Between 7 and 8 months.

See this is just a hypothetical answer. This is called Fuzzy Logic. But your answer needs to satisfy the ” Truth Range”

By covering the scientific doc, or proof or discussion you could win the “Consensus”

Then win the featured snippet.

I think this might help you to rearrange the structure of your website or article.

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Thank you. 😎

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